Saturday, 10 December 2011

Random bakes

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Sea salt caramel swiss meringue with chocolate sponge sandwiched with hazelnut nut chocolate cream

Double chocolate hazelnut cupcake

Oreo cheesecake

Wholemeal bread

Neglected this blog for way too long! Really busy with my final year project of formulating a low glycemic index scone and bread but i did bake these few months :)

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Bakes in August

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1. Lemon chiffon sandwiched with coconut infused lemon cream toppped with toasted coconut

2. Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie

3. Cake pops

4. Meringue

5. Mini lemon cream Tart (wanted to submit to Asipring Bakers for August but had no time to post. haha)

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Dark Chocolate cake

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Hello :D Made a "slice" of birthday cake for my church friend Leonard today. It is actually made from a basic chocolate sponge and dark chocolate frosting, dusted with cocoa powder for decorations :)

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Marble cheese cake

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Hi everybody!!

i am back in Singapore! There is so much beauty in Singapore that i love :) The people, food, toilet, transport. I love Singapore <3 Anyway, back to the cake! I went to Fairprice and saw SCS cream cheese in a tub selling at $3.95, much cheaper than Philadelphia's cream cheese which costs $5.80 :/ It gave me an inspiration to make cheese cake, also, i wanted to test out the quality of the cream cheese.

The verdict? It didn't fail me :) It was smooth and creamy~

I was experimenting with different flavours, rum and raisin; dark chocolate with rum ; dark chocolate with cinnamon; vanilla with fresh berries. Personally i like the dark chocolate with cinnamon. Cinnamon are usually paired with apples, who knew chocolate could complement cinnamon ;D? Here is the recipe! (With modifications)

The base was made from scratch because i want a change from the usual digestive biscuit base. The amount of sweet pastry dough is more than sufficient for the amount of cream cheese filling, you can freeze the dough if there are leftovers :)

Recipe - Makes a 21cm diameter cheese cake ( Use a spring form pan/removable base pan)


Sweet Pastry Base
125g Salted Butter, softened to room temperature
50g Sugar
1 Egg
240g plain flour, sifted


*Preheat oven to 180C

1. Beat butter with sugar till white and creamy.
2. Beat in egg till full incorporated.
3. Add in sifted flour, mix till a crumbly dough is formed.
4. Knead dough to achieve a uniform dough with no dry flour.
5. Wrap with cling wrap and put in freezer for 10 minutes.*
6. Roll out dough to 1/2cm, about the size of pan. ( i simply flatten the dough directly in the pan manually)
7. Use a fork to pierce holes into the dough base in pan.
8. Blind bake the base for 18-21 minutes / till golden brown
9. Cool and set aside for use later.

Cheese filling

400g cream cheese, softened
200g full fat plain unsweetened yogurt/sour cream
220g whipping cream (dairy)
160g sugar
240g egg
40g cake flour, sifted


*Preheat oven to 170C

1. Beat cream cheese till creamy and smooth.
2. Add in yoghurt and mix well. (Try not to beat excessively as it can create too much air cells)
3. Add in sugar gradually, beating to incorporate into batter.
4. Beat in eggs one at a time.
5. Mix in whipping cream till a smooth, fluid batter is achieved.
6. Whisk in flour into the batter.
7. Add in 2 tsp of vanilla essence into the batter.

Chocolate flavored batter


100g dark/semi sweet chocolate
30g cocoa powder, sifted
20g sugar
10g salted butter

8. To make chocolate batter, melt 100g of dark chocolate using microwave/ double boil method.
9. Microwave chocolate in burst of 10 seconds, checking after every internal as it can burn easily. (Stop when the chocolate has partially melted, can use the remaining heat from the bowl to melt the chocolate)
10. Add in cocoa powder, sugar and butter to the melted chocolate, stir to combine.
11. Stir chocolate mixture into 300g - 400g of batter.

Cinnamon flavored batter
12. Simply add 1 tsp of cinnamon powder to every 200g of original cream cheese batter

Rum and raisin batter

40g raisins
Enough rum to cover raisins

13. Simply soak raisins in rum for at least an hour.
14. Mix rum and raisins into 300g batter( more batter for a milder flavor)

15. Pour the original batter into the pan.*
16. Dollop in blobs of other flavored batter. Make beautiful swirls with a chop stick.
17. Bake for 45-55 minutes.
18. Cool cake in oven with door ajar. (rapid cooling results in ugly cracks)
19. Chill overnight before serving :D

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Local steam buns and Ice porridge

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Hi :) posting something on local eats from china again. Steam buns are extremely common in China, people here eats steamed buns more than bread. In addition, they very extremely cheap here, about singapore 20 cents for 3 buns!! I hope i am not making you feel awful about homemade steamed buns, homemade ones are much better than mass produced buns even though they are still handmade :)

There are a wide array of choices to choose from, ranging from mini pork buns to lotus root buns, tofu, etc.. The ones showed in the pictures are cabbage, black fungus and tofu :)

I can say the locals here are very creative with the fillings here, however the tofu was a little bit too salty, perhaps could be due to their taste for heavily seasoned food.

I think all the fillings were pre-fried and cooked before steaming. I think i will try a few more other interesting buns very soon! The black sesame bun and carrot bun seems pretty good too..

Let me introduce to you ice porridge冰粥, please dont think that way, its not frozen porridge!

It is actually a summer treat, made from shaved ice, sweetened red, green beans, plum/hawthorn puree, cocktail fruits, fresh watermelon and honey dew. Sometimes there is jelly, dried tomatoes, raisins, prunes as well. Its so refreshing :D! Sells at about S$1. How do you find this treat? It might be very sellable in Singapore :) I love it!

I need to post this picture of the local watermelons here.. can you see how thin the skin is?? It's really worth every bit of your money, no refuse!

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Wet Market in China and Charcoal bread

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Hi, today i went to the wet market in the neighbourhood where i stay to get ingredients to make dumplings. No, not 粽子 but 饺子. Both are called dumpling right? 粽子would be too tedious to make and so it was 饺子 :) The skin was bought from the market, they sell by weight and we bought 2.5kg of skin! Then we miscalculate and there was insufficient filling so we ended up slicing the skin made a noodle soup out of it.

Look at the amount of jiaozi we made! Well 11 people were eating, so its not that much actually :)

This is a picture of a stall selling pork, everything here is not chilled, the meat are all laid on the table and i heard that you cant really choose. The moment you pick up the piece of meat, it means you are buying it. I saw pig heads infront of the stall, pretty scary actually. After purchasing the minced meat, we went to buy cabbage. You see that huge wintermelon? The vegetables here are all upsized. See the tomato and red pepper? Yeap :)

The tofu here are freshly made too and some of them are flavoured with 'five spice' (五香). It is actually the brownish beancurd you see in the picture. The next picture shows the machine where the tofu is made.

There was also a stall that sells preserved vegetables. There is an assortment of preserved vegetables, garlic, long beans, bamboo shoots..etc, the list is endless.. As compared to singapore's sweet/salty preserved vegetables, this is 小巫见大巫.

After eating the jiaozi, i went to metro, a place where there are imported goods. Remember i said that in the area where i stay,pretty much everything is locally made, China itself is capable of providing for itself. Okay back to the supermarket, i saw this black bun, i had to buy it :D

It actually contains edible charcoal powder. Very interesting eat, but i am pretty sure Singapore might already have it now.

Have you eaten any black buns before??

Friday, 3 June 2011


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Hey everyone, not so sure if there is still anybody reading this blog but i have decided to continue to post on this blog about my overseas internship trip in China, Jiangxi, Nanchang :)

This is my first post since i have been in china for 2 months. I miss Singapore so much~

Over in this area, it is not so developed, so there is hardly any form of imported food, almost everything is 'made in china'. The food in this part of china is really heavy on the taste buds, everything is very flavorful. I think perhaps i will introduce you to them one by one in time to come. First up, let me introduce the dumpling festival in China. Its not that different from singapore, they all eat dumplings but they also have a lot of extra time to eat it and celebrate this festival with their families. This is because they have a 3 day public holiday!! You must be hoping Singapore is like that too.

I couldnt make any dumplings myself, so i bought from the school canteen. The white dumpling is the red bean paste dumpling. The red bean paste taste like date paste, not anything like singapore's red bean paste. It is very sticky, slight tangy but still sweet. Did i mention anything about the red bean baos here? Well the red bean paste taste like date paste too..if you have ever eaten date paste.

In addition to the red bean, there's the date version(Here comes the real thing!) but nope, sadly i didnt buy date paste dumpling, but i will, soon! I want to see what's the difference between both.

I also gave the meat dumpling a try, in terms of the filling, i think Singapore's version is so much better! Maybe it is probably where i bought it, but can you see any meat there?? I didnt! (witness) I feel a bit cheated of course, if you could see that little whitish coloured thing- its pork fat.

However...after finishing the whole 'meatless' meat dumpling, there was a tiny piece of meat lurking at one of the corners! Here is it! Evidence :) I wasnt cheated!

In our area, it is legal to have road side vendors selling food, like the olden days of Singapore. The one you see below isnt a road side stall(Okay, really had no link with the previous sentence)

Anyway, it sells very lovely banana cake! Not a mashed banana cake in a cake batter, but a banana IN A CAKE. It even looks like a banana :D Looking at the amount of 'banana cakes' on the table, you can guess how popular it is. One interesting thing is that they sell by weight, actually most of the food here is sold by weight not piece. I think it is reasonable, dont you think?

Especially when it is difficult to standardize weight and size, this is the way to go for pricing. Perhaps singaporeans can adopt this concept?

Time for healthy treats! I ate some yang mei(杨梅) after the dumplings. Its harvest locally and very cheap here and it belongs to the berry family. Its available in Singapore too but usually can be a little pricey. Its sweet and sour, with high antioxidants too :D

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Cute little muffins for TPDE :)

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Wow.. hi :) This is so surprising! i missed blogging!! WAY TOO busy with school and dance that resulted in that long "coma" with blogging and baking. Just an update to all my friends who is actually reading my blog, i will be going China, Hangzhou for my internship. Attaching to Nanchang university for 4 months, well and i am sure most of you knows that China literally banned all social websites such as facebook, blogspot, etc. Nevertheless, not going to stop me from accessing these websites! I will find a way ;D

I really really missed my Lime Green Kitchen Aid, so i whipped it out of the box which i shoved into about 4 months ago and had just spent some quality time with it catching up ^^

While i was browsing through the other bloggers' food blog, i felt the adrenaline rush again!! Whee :)
This time i made some mini muffins for my school dance club friends since we will all be training from 9am to 10pm! They might appreciate to have something small to nibble on :)
(The vinegar + milk is actually a substitute for buttermilk) Muffins are a healthier alternative to other cakes as it has lesser fat content, at the same time they are easier to make, especially for beginners :) Life's simple pleasures are well, simple to make !!
Oh before i end this post, want to make a little advertising here.. my school is having a dance production on 1st April and 2nd April, the concert starts at 730pm to 9pm. Tickets are going at $15 each, please come and support! You will be glad to spend your evening with us :) There are modern and hip hop dance items~
Mini Muffin With Chocolate Chips
Makes 54 Mini muffins
*Preheat Oven at 190C
Wet Mixture
112g butter, melted
2 Eggs
250g Milk
1tsp vanilla essence
30g vinegar, i used rice vinegar
Dry Mixture
228g plain flour
1 Tsp Baking Powder
1 Tsp Baking Soda
200g semisweet chocolate chips
264g brown sugar
Seive flour with baking powder and baking soda*
Stir in sugar and chocolate chips, set aside.
Whisk in eggs, followed by vanilla essence, milk and vinegar.
Using mini muffin pans, line with mini paper cups.
Stir the wet mixture into the dry mixture till a runny batter is formed.
Pour into each paper cup.
Bake for 11-13 minutes at 190C

I love my Dance Friends~ TPDE


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