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Wet Market in China and Charcoal bread

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Hi, today i went to the wet market in the neighbourhood where i stay to get ingredients to make dumplings. No, not 粽子 but 饺子. Both are called dumpling right? 粽子would be too tedious to make and so it was 饺子 :) The skin was bought from the market, they sell by weight and we bought 2.5kg of skin! Then we miscalculate and there was insufficient filling so we ended up slicing the skin made a noodle soup out of it.

Look at the amount of jiaozi we made! Well 11 people were eating, so its not that much actually :)

This is a picture of a stall selling pork, everything here is not chilled, the meat are all laid on the table and i heard that you cant really choose. The moment you pick up the piece of meat, it means you are buying it. I saw pig heads infront of the stall, pretty scary actually. After purchasing the minced meat, we went to buy cabbage. You see that huge wintermelon? The vegetables here are all upsized. See the tomato and red pepper? Yeap :)

The tofu here are freshly made too and some of them are flavoured with 'five spice' (五香). It is actually the brownish beancurd you see in the picture. The next picture shows the machine where the tofu is made.

There was also a stall that sells preserved vegetables. There is an assortment of preserved vegetables, garlic, long beans, bamboo shoots..etc, the list is endless.. As compared to singapore's sweet/salty preserved vegetables, this is 小巫见大巫.

After eating the jiaozi, i went to metro, a place where there are imported goods. Remember i said that in the area where i stay,pretty much everything is locally made, China itself is capable of providing for itself. Okay back to the supermarket, i saw this black bun, i had to buy it :D

It actually contains edible charcoal powder. Very interesting eat, but i am pretty sure Singapore might already have it now.

Have you eaten any black buns before??

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Aimei on 7 June 2011 at 20:54 said...

Hi Yan Yee, when are you back? You seems to be enjoying yourself.. That's great! Sure you can visit my house when it's done. :)


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