Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Local steam buns and Ice porridge

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Hi :) posting something on local eats from china again. Steam buns are extremely common in China, people here eats steamed buns more than bread. In addition, they very extremely cheap here, about singapore 20 cents for 3 buns!! I hope i am not making you feel awful about homemade steamed buns, homemade ones are much better than mass produced buns even though they are still handmade :)

There are a wide array of choices to choose from, ranging from mini pork buns to lotus root buns, tofu, etc.. The ones showed in the pictures are cabbage, black fungus and tofu :)

I can say the locals here are very creative with the fillings here, however the tofu was a little bit too salty, perhaps could be due to their taste for heavily seasoned food.

I think all the fillings were pre-fried and cooked before steaming. I think i will try a few more other interesting buns very soon! The black sesame bun and carrot bun seems pretty good too..

Let me introduce to you ice porridge冰粥, please dont think that way, its not frozen porridge!

It is actually a summer treat, made from shaved ice, sweetened red, green beans, plum/hawthorn puree, cocktail fruits, fresh watermelon and honey dew. Sometimes there is jelly, dried tomatoes, raisins, prunes as well. Its so refreshing :D! Sells at about S$1. How do you find this treat? It might be very sellable in Singapore :) I love it!

I need to post this picture of the local watermelons here.. can you see how thin the skin is?? It's really worth every bit of your money, no refuse!

3 comments on "Local steam buns and Ice porridge"

Germaine Low said...

Miss u yan ee! Wow @ the black buns.. I would love it if its black sesame :D

Blessed Homemaker on 20 December 2011 at 16:07 said...

冰粥 looks really appetitzing!

Anonymous said...

I'm an addicted to ice porridge and posting now on my blog.. happy to see i'm not the first one!
here in China it's really a sign of summer and heat coming!
every time i think how sell able would be in europe..


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