Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Cereal Raisin Cookie, Homemade goodness

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Heya guys! Supposed to post about my pineapple jam that i attempted to make on monday but it was a huge disaster!! The recipe called for 750g of sugar to 1 kg of pineapple and well the whole thing caramelized and i ended up with a carbon at the bottom of the pot and ultra sticky, gooey pineapple syrup! I even cut down the sugar and only used 500g, i cant imagine if i had used the amount as stated -.-

Hence i bought another pineapple, going to try out this time WITHOUT any sugar. I wanted to bake some cookies today and i am a fan of cereals so i browse through my cookbooks and found this recipe from [Little Cookies Earn Big $] by Y3K

However i didnt exactly follow the method as stated, i wasn't focusing on the cookie dough and i forgotten to add in an egg after creaming the butter with the icing sugar! I only realised the error as i was mixing the dry ingredients into the butter mixture i was wondering how come the dough is so dry and crumbly. Anyway i needed to salvage this cookie dough, so i went ahead and added an egg. well the taste was nice and fragant from the cereals, the walnut gave a nice crunch and the raisins gave an extra bite to it. It was a good cookie, satisfying : ) Next time i'll do it again as according to the method and see if there's any textural changes. HAHA

Recipe make 35 small teaspoon size cookies

Preheat Oven at 150C for 15 minutes*


50g Salted butter, softened
40g Icing Sugar, sieved (originally 60g)
An egg
50g Plain flour, sieved
50g Cereal
50g Raisin
25g Walnuts, chopped


Mix Flour, cereal, raisin and walnuts together in a bowl, set aside
Cream butter with icing sugar till fluffy
Add in egg and mix till combined
Gradually mix in the dry mixture, doing it in two batches
Use two teaspoons and form teaspoon size cookie dough and drop them on a lined baking tray
Flatten slightly with back of the spoon.(The cookies dont really spread so i is okay to place the dough about 1.5cm away from each other)
Bake at 150C for 30 minutes, rotating the plate halfway through.
Cool thoroughly before storage.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Hello :) Back with a kaya jam!

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Hey guys, sorry for MIA for soooo long. i know, much things happened the last two weeks and i just couldn't bake or do any blogging at all. Well i just fnished my last exam paper on thursday, i had to struggle with a horrible gastric flu and trying to study after the closing of YOG 2010. I had high fever (about 38.5 Degrees celsius for 4 consecutive nights), costant dizziness, nausea and diarrhea for 8 days x/ All this while i had to remember to study for my exam papers, it was really bad to study with a headache! I am so so glad i made it through in one piece :)

haha so now i am actually working on a overseas community project, and i am assigned to experiment with jam making using local tropical fruits with my teammate. In the next few posts will be trials and error of the jam making process. Mr teacher in charge gave us several options like pineapple jam, papaya, mixed fruits, kaya and tamarind jam?? Any of you heard of tamarind jam?? It is a favourite food in Cambodia, yeap i'll be going to Cambodia for this project in October : D

This is my second attempt at kaya making, but the first time i'm trying out this method. My first attempt was using double boil method but this one was direct cooking over the stove. i can say this is much more dangerous! The mixture was splattering all over the place as it boils! Ouch, i got scalded many times during the cooking process, so i guess i'll stick with the double boil method :)

I made this kaya without any pandan leaves, just wanted to test the consistency.

Evaluation : Jam set and gelate after it has cooled but consistency was soft and runny. It looked grainy to me but was very spreadable on bread. It smelled just like the coconut candy sold in the market, literally! Dark brown in colour due to caramelization of sugar.

(sugar browning)

Sweetness wise, it is alright. but i've cut the sugar by half, so the original recipe will be...(haha you know what i mean)
The jam sort of separated near the bottom of the jar, there was a transparent brown layer that looked like caramel to me :x i didn't refrigerate as my teacher told me there isn't any refrigerator in homes of cambodians?? hmm, something for us to think about.

Next trial: Pineapple Jam :D

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