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Food Blogger's Meet up

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Hello guys! The meet up hosted by Pei lin was so awesome! I am so blessed to know these food bloggers after following their blogs for so long! They are really hippie people ;) There was so much food! All made with tender loving care, haha! Edith ( opened up her house to us so we will not have to bear the embarrassment of being chased out of any particular restaurant for hogging up their seats as we chat!

Haha, i can seriously understand that food is the way to life! With food, we meet new people, make new friends. Through food, we show care and concern. Having GOOD food injects excitement to any party! lol alright i'll shall show you the delicious food my fellow blogger friends whipped up. (Sorry but its incomplete, i was too excited to eat, so i skipped some of it, thus no pictures, all in my stomach, haha)

Aimei brought swiss roll hand rolled with pork floss, seaweed and cucumber. Its sweeet and savoury at the same time :)

Edith's Awesome curry and Bandung

Grace's mini burger buns are to die for! i will PAY for them! Sadly she doesn't sell haha, she made Mini blueberry tarts too!

ZhuoYuan's Homemade Green Tea Truffles! He is the 1st person i've ever made who can make such wonderful confectionary with chocolate! He made rum and raisin, dark chocolate truffle too! I love the rum and raisin version : D

My sesame cookies!

There was also almond cream by jane, Peilin's chocolate cookie and durian tart(Can you believe it?? It taste really good!), Jess's mango pomelo dessert, Shirley's Special Mee Rubus, Bee Bee's wonderful soon kueh!

PS : all my favourite food : )

Presents to take home : D From Ai mei and Jane

After the meet up, i decided to explore the area, so i walked from lavender to bugis, pass raffles city to dhoby ghaut and then reached clark quay. Over there i saw a group of people with those huge DSR (or is it DSL?) camera shooting away. Haha so i "copy cat" and took out my digital camera and took some pictures


6 comments on "Food Blogger's Meet up"

Bakertan on 13 August 2010 at 00:35 said...

Hi Yan Ee,

Its a pleasure meeting you at the party. Sure had lots of fun. You are a talented girl for your age man. I did not even dream about baking at when I was your age.

I am impressed with your knowledge regarding food science. Can tell that you enjoy what you are studying. Jiayou and work towards your dream (setting up a cafe I remember).

Meanwhile study hard for your coming 3 papers. I can understand how it feels when exams are just around the corner. Hope you are coping well with the remaining projects on hand.

Hope to meet up soon. We probably can meet up for baking sessions since we are staying in the same cluster, that goes for Aimei too.

Cheers and happy baking! Take care.

Small Small Baker on 13 August 2010 at 11:25 said...

Thanks to the bloggers gathering, although I wasn't there, I got to know a lot of new blogs. Heard that you are really young, yet so talented.

Please continue your passion and achieve for your dream! Jia you!

Pei-Lin@Dodol and Mochi on 13 August 2010 at 20:34 said...

My dearest lovely Yan Ee! Finally to see yours up and running!

Glad to be able to meet you in person! I enjoyed talking to you! You're so talented at such a tender age! I always tell TracieMoo I couldn't even fry an egg at 19! LOL! (She's same aged as you if not mistaken.)

I admire you for that you're so well-versed in food science!! Very detailed person! I enjoyed your foods, too! You and Tracie can click very well, trust me! Two health freaks. LOL!

You're such a cheery, positive, witty girl! Very 瀟灑! (You read Chinese?) I wish I can be like you, at least a little bit. But, I fail to, I can be talkative. LOL! Long-winded, yea! You can whip up great dishes in the kitchen too! Who's gonna be the next lucky guy, eh?

Thanks for telling me about the ban on poppy seeds; otherwise, my bakes will be confiscated. LOL!

Till then, take care! All the best in your coming papers! Study hard and play hard, too! Gambateh! Hope to see ya again! Will miss you!

Jess @ Bakericious on 13 August 2010 at 20:40 said...

Yan Ee, nice meeting you and I am impress by you, to bake so well in such young age. At your age, I only love to eat hahaha... Love eating food preparing by you, knowing it is definately healthy and not sinful :p

Sweeter side of life on 14 August 2010 at 00:07 said...

Hi Jess :)

We are all driven by the same passion! i am so happy to hear your encouragements :D

You are a fantastic baker and a great mum too!!

Haha my dream is to be a good wife and loving mother!

Sweeter side of life on 14 August 2010 at 00:19 said...

HELLO Pei-lin!

I am so blessed to be able to meet you :)

You just boost my self esteem!! It is so encouraging to hear all this! I will definitely work harder for my future! I know i can achieve something big in this lifetime, i know you can too!

All the best in your career! Something great will come your way :D

Hey Hey Baker Tan!

Nice to hear from you! Your words are too kind for me, those technical terms are just things i learnt from school. I am sure you can be as knowledgable as me if you were to study food science. Remembered heard you saying that you'll be pursuing baking course or something? That is what i am going to do too when i have the financial liquidity : D

I hope you'll do well for your final year! Although i don't know much about mechanical engineering but you are someone who is focused and self-driven so i strongly believe you can do well as long as you put your heart to it! Jia you!


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