Monday, 10 May 2010

Date Coffee Cake

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Hi everyone, i know i went missing for a week. This is because i was too busy with my school work. I had to write an eight page report on a case study given to us by my food preservation and quality assurance lecturer. The problem was food poisoning after customers ate the food from our 'cafe'. Well the focus was on yogurt, man now i really know SO MUCH about yogurt. i know that two types of starter culture bacteria are used to make yogurt, the pH, the specifications and well, basically tons of information.

Alright, i'm sorry about all the yogurt lets move on to my bakes :) I still managed to bake 3 times last week, albeit my busy school work, will be posting the other two soon. I really really wanted to use up the dates in my fridge since bought it last year. Could you believe it? The dates did not grow any moulds or yeasts! This is probably due to the high sugar content of the dates, it decreases the water activity to the extent that any microorganisms will find it difficult to grow in.

OH DEAR, i am babbling about microorganisms again! Okay well i flavoured the cake with coffee emulco( artificial flavouring), but it still smell like good coffee :D I never liked drinking coffee but its by products are sure enticing! However i think i might have over baked the cake, cause it taste really 'crusty'. Yes this is my fault, i was trying to multitask, baking and doing an online quiz set by my lecturer on my computer. I will not be posting the recipe since it wasn't exactly a successful bake. I will try it again and then if it turns out alright then i'll post the recipe.

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Shirley said...

aww~ I have always wanted to try making my own coffee cake. This one is so special with dates! I'm definitely going to try this recipe out one day soon:D


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