Sunday, 4 April 2010

Red Bean Bun

Posted by Sweeter side of life at 22:15:00

I can't believe my buns are so soft and fluffy!! The bread smelled wonderful and buttery, the red bean paste was so satisfying. It was really worth the effort to stay up till 2am the night before so i can shape the dough after the first rise.

The only thing is that there was too little bread and too much red bean paste but it was still so good.

No words can express my elation and satisfaction when the bread rose so beautifully in the oven. I failed bread making so many times! This is a boost for my confidence in bread making. THANK YOU Happy Home Baking! I used your Sweet Buns recipe :D

The thought of able to put any sort of filling is so exciting! I could put cheese, ham, chicken, tuna fillings...oh the list is endless.

2 comments on "Red Bean Bun"

Shirley said...

Wow! the red bean buns looks really good. i love red bean buns:D i want to try some of it one day!

Sweeter side of life on 6 April 2010 at 22:21 said...

Haha sure! i am so happy they taste so good :D


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