Sunday, 7 February 2010

Let's usher the year of tiger in!! ROAR : D

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Hello People!! It is a total double whammy! Why did i say that? Well, unfortunatelky for all Temasek Polytechnic students, our exams are sandwiched beween the most important festive season for chinese: LUNAR NEW YEAR!! Gong xi fa cai : DD

It is sort of like you see a gorgeous ice cream sandwiched with a thick slab of ice cream in between, only to realise that the ice cream's inedible, made from plasticine- just for taking photos with. T.T This is just meant to be, so i tried to lighten up the mood with CNY goodies : D

I made pineapple tarts and peanut cookies : )
The pineapple tarts and peanut cookies are actually for selling haha, i just decided to take a picture anyway. Let you guys salivate a bit first to prepare you guys for the upcoming season of eating! You need about 150% more salivary amylase( found in saliva in our mouth) to digest the extra amount of food you guys are going to eat during the rounds and rounds of visitation. Alright i'm kidding! Please don't take it to heart!! Remember, everything in moderation ;D just like what the Singapore Diet Pyramid says.

Pineapple tarts : $15/ box - 36 pieces (all sold out)

Peanut cookies : $11.50/box - 125 pieces +/- 3 pieces

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