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Sponge cake

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Hello, this is a really simple sponge cake recipe! Simple ingredients- five i think, if you ever nee

d a sponge cake recipe, please use this!!

In fact, there are different kinds of sponge cakes that is slightly different according to how they are made. For example, some beat the egg whites and yolk separately to create a fluffier texture, this one i'm blogging about does the beating together.

It simply means- you crack the eggs, add sugar, warm to about 45 degrees celsius and using whisk mixer, beat on HIGH for about 6-8 minutes till you see the whole mixture getting thicker then you reduce to medium and continue to beat for another 5 minutes till you get a relatively stable foam.

Do a ribbon test now, lift your whisk and draw an "eight" if it remains visible for a few seconds before disappearing into the batter, you are almost done!

When it comes to incorporating flour and egg foam, it really requires some skill and practise makes perfect : D By the way, you FOLD in the flour in batches GRADUALLY. Don't just dump your flour in! The cake will have lumps of dry flour!!

Take about 2 TBS of you batter and mix into the melted butter and milk mixture. Once combined, pour it into the rest of your batter, mix thoroughly pour to your pan and bake !!

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