Thursday, 24 December 2009

Simple Tuna Peanut Butter Sandwich

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Well thats what i had for lunch today. It was an EARLY lunch at 1030 am. For most people, it is probably their brunch or breakfast. Well, i considered it as lunch since i already had my first meal at 5am today : D

Tuna and peanut butter complements each other so well! The peanut takes away that fishy smell of canned tuna. I used wholemeal bread for mutual supplementation* With an overwhelming amount of alfafa sprouts and organic cucumbers. If you had any idea how much pesticides are found on normal cucumbers, you would never even take a second look at them anymore from this minute onwards x/

Mutual supplementation* : Peanuts and wholegrain are incomplete source of protein from plant sources. Peanuts(legumes) are high in lysine and isoleucine while Wholegrains(wholemeal bread) are high in trypthophan and methionine. Together they complement each others lack of specific amino acids(protein) that is essential for the body. This is especially important for vegans out there who don't consume animal sources of protein. Well, one exception is soy protein which is a complete plant protein.

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