Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Mini Double Chocolate Muffin

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Introducing 'not meant for sharing' muffin! : D Really, you wouldn't mind gobbling it down in one huge bite but hold on! Take a DEEP breath and inhale all that chocolate flavour before you put it in your mouth. The molten chocolate chunks inside this tiny muffin will find its way around the inside of your mouth and the intense flavour literally burst through your nasal cavity! ( Nostrils)

You have to try this if you like chocolate ;)

See how happy my gingerbread man is upon seeing the mini double chocolate muffin?

They are tiny but very flavourful! Made from couverture chocolate with 55% cocao and all natural brown sugar so they are not intoxicatingly sweet till they make your teeth chatter.

Whats more, they cost only $0.40 each! They are the most ideal gift for your friends and families for all occasions. Who can resist such a cute little muffin,

Minimum order of 12 mini muffins. To order : email to sherry_4ever@hotmail.com

Collection venue negotiable.

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